Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What does Charlie Chaplin have to do with the Chavismo

If the US continues to use video games to train their soldiers for a potential invasion of Venezuela, then the Chavismo will use the America's own movies to show the horrors of America. The Labour Ministry is currently using the movie Modern Times to show the horrors of the capitalist pig smellies to the labourers of the land.


Bushhitler causes fire in Western Venezuela

There was a fire at a Western Venezuelan oil refinery. This is clearly the first step by the US to invade Venezuela!!!! Lucky the brave men under the Chavismo fanned the flames. Take that Bushhitler!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 03, 2006

What more lies are the spreading about the Chavismo!!!!

The ultra conservative, capitalist, facist Washington Post has questioned Chavez's pursuit of democracy!!!!! Those lying pig demons mention that , Henrique Capriles Radonski, is falsly imprisoned because he was associated with the beseigement of the Cuban embassy. This rightest paper claims that he was just trying make the crowd disperse. When everyone with a soul knows that he really was a plant brought in by Mossad and the CIA to help destroy the Chavismo. If that is not true, why does he campaign against Hugo Chavez. Things are much better now. Venezuela is enjoying prospertity and freedom not previously found. This all the Bushhitler's fault!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is Bushitler cockblocking the Chavismo at the UN?!!!!!

The answer is clearly, yes!!!! The Bushitler is preventing Venezuela from being part of the UN Security council. If a friend of Hugo was on the council three years ago, Amerikkka would not have invaded Iraq and the friend of the Chavismo, Saddam Hussein would still be in power. Iraq would still have chocolate milk rivers and bubble gum fields. The insurgency would not be in power, and the children would be playing in the streets praising the Chavismo. Evil Bushitler, why do you hate peace and justice so much?!!!!! You must be a horrible pig smelly!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Castro denounces the barbaric murder of al-Zarqawi

With all the American cons are in a fit of glee because of al-Zarqawi was killed, it is good to hear a sensible voice in these matters. The glorious leader Fidel Castro (and friend of the Chavismo) denounced the ruthless murder of al-Zarqawi. al-Zarqawi should have stood trial!!!!! What barbaric country would kill a man? Just look at the example put forth by Cuba!!!!! No one has ever been put to death without a trial. Especially since the days of Che, justice has prevailed though out the beautiful island. We must destroy Bushitler for this outrage!!!!


Thursday, June 01, 2006

How brilliant a economic strategist Hugo Chavez is!!!!

I have learned that the Maginificant Hugo Chavez has been working with OPEC to try and make the oil prices increase due to reduction of production. Since I can not blame Bushitler for the increases in the price of oil, I must turn around and celebrate the genius of the Chavismo!!!!! Ever since Chavez entered office, oil prices have increased from $10 to well over $70. While I can not actually thank Hugo for the sky rocketing gas prices, I can say he contributed to it. With those high prices poverty will be destroyed in Venezuela!!! As an added benefit, Venezuela has about 275 million gallons of heavy crude which with new technology can be used to produce petroluem. If OPEC allows Venezuela to consider these as reserves, their reserve totals will be more than Saudi Arabia. This proves that the Chavismo is the greatest threat to the capitalist hate pig smellies!!!!!


Friday, May 26, 2006

what is Bushhitler doing now?!!!!!!

He and the oppressive capitalist pigs have created a video game that attack the Chavismo!!!! It is clearly blueprint of a potential Venezuelan invasion. Any progressives that may be reading this should steer clears of Mercenaries 2:World in Flames. The bad guy in the game is a dictator that screws up with the Venezuelan oil supply. It is Bushhitler that has messed with people in the great nation of Venezuela. It is because of him there is starving children in the world!!!!!!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hurray for the British Progressives!!!!!

Finnally, a people from a western power outside of France has proven themselves worthy. Praise the collective for giving guidance to the British Labour party. It was about time they returned to their socialist roots. The big whigs for the Labour party invited Hugo Chavez to spread his message of peace and tolerance. Of course, he also spoke the truth to power of how evil Bush is and his corporate Lil Eichmann. What a brilliant man MP Jeremy Corbyn is!!!! Read what was said about him!!!

"Mr Corbyn, never knowingly one to agree with Tony Blair and his cabinet, said New Labour had a lot to learn from Venezuela. "

Hopefully, he will become prime minister, and he can undo all of the damage cause by the Thatcher Administration!!!! Without question, state-owned industries are the best for the people!!!! Look at how well oil is doing for Venezuela. Carlos Zambrano, er I mean Hugo Chavez didn't want to meet with Tony Blair because he has stated repeatedly that Blair is the closest ally to "Hitler". Hitler of course is the evil George Bush!!!! Venezuelan intelligence which has been aided by the more progressive members of Hollywood have discovered that Bush has created internment camps for the Jews. It is only a matter of time that they will be gasses. Sure, Hugo Chavez has forced public industries to give up their rights to the states, and past advisors (Norberto Ceresole) have attacked Israel in so far as to state the Holocaust didn't exist and that the Jews were trying to take over the world (Have you ever seen a movie without one Jewish person involved? Even Bollywood movies have Jews.) Sure, the secret police raided Jewish grade schools in Venezuela, but this was because the judge who ordrered the raid believed there were weapons that killed loyal prosecutor Danilo Anderson in the school. It makes perfect sense because Venezuelan public television stated that the assassination was due to Mossad, Israel's intelligence service. It makes perfect sense for Israel to meddle in Venezuelan affairs. Chavez, an ally of victimized Arab nations, could be a great threat because of his oil supply!!!!! He has praised the participatory democracies such as Cuba, Libya, Iran, and Syria. It it too bad more countries are not free from corruption like those four. That is of course realizing that Venezuela is the least corrupt nation in the world!!!!! Many lies about Chavez are spread by such sites as the Daily Standard.


Mi amigo Hugo doesn't have anything to do with the Nazis!!!!! The only Nazi is the devil George Bush who is trying to undermine the Chavismo!!!!!!!

Hugo Chavez is my friend

The great military mind Hugo Chavez is all that stands in the way of America from deterraforming Venezuela. It is reported that the US has naval warships on the way to Venezuela to destroy all the oil and candy factories in Venezuela. W. is the personifaction of evil. If there were only more progressive minds like Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover in the US government then happiness would be spread throughout the world and poverty would be destroyed. The Economist states that Venezuela's poverty gap is not decreasing as it should, because the demand for oil has increased. They claim that the state run oil industries are not inefficient. It is all lies. What is inefficient is the fact that corporate Lil Eichmann do not give up all of the their money!!!!!! If they did then their would no poverty in the world!!!!!!